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Daily services for home, office, shop, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar

Our Daily Home Services for cities of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar Gujarat, India

We need certain services in a daily basis. Daily home services are a must for a smooth life. However, it has been felt that daily service providers are not very organized. There is no one virtual or real place where one can find or contact the daily service providers. Hence, it becomes difficult for the citizens and service seekers to contact them and get home services in an assured manner. The daily home, office or shop related services may look small, but they are important and urgent. For example, if electricity goes or water tap doesn't close or fridge is out of order! Unless they are set right, you can't sit in peace. Again, there amy be a need of premium services like hair dresser or driver or a cook. You need the fastest way to get someone to help you.

TownBell is a digital platform to connect the service seekers and service providers. It connects the two sides through a portal and an app. Service seekers and service providers, on their own choice, can join this platform. And use it for Easiness in life and growth in Business.

Townbell has been launched in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar cities of Gujarat State of India. With your support and God's blessings, very shortly, it will be available in other cities of India too.

At TownBell everyone is a Gainer...

For the service seekers, the choice becomes wider!

For the service providers, the market becomes bigger!

And both feel smarter!


Blood Bank Management System

Blood bank Intranet Software ( i.e. Client /Server based)
Blood bank web based Portal inter connecting all the Blood Banks of the State at a single location
The smart phone application for patients, donors, doctors and administrators

Benefits of blood bank management information system to blood bank
  • The probability of error should be minimal.
  • Information retrieval should be precise and effective.
  • Report can be generated of donors, seekers, total consumption of the blood units and overall report monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually.
  • Blood bank in charge can get the information which blood is in demand but rarely available and which blood group is rarely in demand but plenty in stock.
  • Blood bank in charge can get the information which is maximum cause for which the blood units are required like accidental cases, heart surgery, delivery cases.
  • Blood bank in charge can get the information which doctor has recommended the blood units.
  • Blood bank in charge can view the list of discarded blood units, they can also view the reason for which the blood units are discarded.
  • Blood bank in charge can view the central inventory as it shows the total account of number of units of the particular blood group.
  • Blood bank in charge can manually discard those units which become unhealthy due to some technical fault.
  • Inventory control can be properly controlled and managed is using the FIFO(First In First Out) concept.
  • Blood bank can generate the unique identification number to the donor.
  • Blood bank can generate the source id of the blood unit bags.
  • Blood bank can upload the information of the blood donation camp organizing in the city so that end user can view of the blood donation camp.

Feel India

Feel India is featured by Apple (App Store) as 'Editor's Choice'


'Feel India', An app on iOS & Android

  • 3100 noteworthy tourist destinations & places
  • With main tourist locations & surrounding attractions
  • 2500 physical, social & cultural features covered including
  • Seasons & Weather, Fairs & Festivals, Foods & Flavors
  • Local equivalents of 400 useful English words
  • Dance, Music, Art, Craft & Clothes described
  • 15000 places of Tourists' interest including Hotels & Restaurants
  • And Services including ATM, Bank, Hospitals & Transport
  • Location Maps & Landscape
  • Search Destination facility
  • Find Distance & Route
  • Travel Links & Resources
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Road, Rail and Aviation maps
  • All this is shown Country-wise,Circuit-wise,State-wise and Place-wise
  • And wrapped in a Grand Design with Attractive Photographs & Visuals
  • It is the most premier app on Indian panorama snd on India's Tourism & Travel Sector
  • iOS Download | Android Download | More Details...

Feel Gujarat


Feel Gujarat - An app on Tourism of Gujarat, India -covering more than 100 tourism destinations, fairs and festivals powered by GPS maps and other user-friendly features & facilities

  • Tourist Destinations just a tap away…
  • Fairs and festivals just a peep away…
  • Landscape just a glance away…
  • Seasons just a sense away…
  • Distances just a look away…
  • Directions just a gaze away…
  • Destinations, distances and directions
  • Architecture & marvels, heritage & modernity
  • People, culture, music, dances & handicrafts
  • Sea, deserts & forests, flora & fauna
  • Fairs, festivals, scenery and seasons
  • In an intelligent and interesting manner,Easy to navigate the app And much Easier to explore this unsung place on the earth
  • First time ever, Gujarat can be in your hands
  • iOS Download | Android Download | More Details...

Feel Vibrant


Feel Vibrant - An app on Economy, Business & Enterprise of Gujarat, India covering the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investment Summit of January 2013 with many other interesting and useful features

  • Navigate through Gujarat’s Places & Potentials
  • Its Enterprise, its Vibrancy, its Tourism & its Culture
  • Overview on Gujarat’s Economy & Investment Opportunities
  • And complete details about on-going Events like-

    Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2013

  • Life Style: News & Update, RSS Feeds, Weather Forecasts, World Clocks
  • Travel Linkages: Airport, Car Rentals, Petrol Stations, Bus & Rail connections
  • Driving Directions: GPS based Distance/Location Search & Driving
  • Tourist Destinations: Cities of Gujarat, places near Ahmedabad & Many more
  • Local Information: Local words, Local Tastes, Shopping & Wellness places
  • Important Contacts: Government, Industry, Airlines, other Facilitators Services
  • Fully enabled by GPS-In a User Friendly, Efficient and Interesting Manner
  • iOS Download | Android Download | More Details...