Shivaasha Technologies & Services Pvt. Ltd.


Today in this dynamic and yet security conscious world, DMS is playing a major role in keeping the Data safe, secure and accessible at real time. Thus, Data and Document Management has become an utmost important aspect of medium and large size establishments. IT is a big enabler for this purpose. Applications can be developed on a customized basis to house and harness the data and documents. With continued attention on updation and safe storage, this ICT based device works wonders for maintaining and using the important data. This was Shivaasha’s very primary business and it has mastered its Art and Science.

Shivaasha has been working with Telecom Companies on this front. A Cellular Company has to maintain a large base of customers. They have to keep a track and record of the users by CAF (customer Application Forms), which has become a major security criteria. Proper processing and archiving is very necessary to efficiently manage and maintain a big cliental base. Shivaasha, with its team, performs this operation smoothly to make the DMS error free, hassle free and Safe. Shivaasha has got its reach to all the areas of Gujarat State whether it is a Village or a City. Shivaasha With its Logistics and Managerial Expertise reaches every part of Gujarat to collect the CAFs from various Distributors and brings them to the processing center. Here, the CAFs are checked, Audited, Entered into data base, Scanned and Warehoused. End to end process for carrying out this operation is performed at various Spoke and Hub locations of Shivaasha.

At Shivaasha, we start with a service plan for your specific data management projects and devise logical and efficient models. Our approach to data collection, entry, processing and storage is unique. The technologies we use enable us to deliver to the highest levels of Data quality, accuracy, and fast turnaround time. Our Data and Document Management Division offers most comprehensive range of high quality and low cost data management services ideally suited to high volume data projects. Our experienced team of professional data entry operations and managers are dedicated to provide complete and accurate data management work to our customers. We can manage all requirements and can even advise you on how to keep your costs low with less hassles and error free accuracy.