Shivaasha Technologies & Services Pvt. Ltd.

Shivaasha Group


Shivaasha Group has long term grand vision of a robust business spanning in several possible areas, particularly in the realm of new and emerging Technologies. Shivaasha Technologies & Services Pvt. Ltd is one of its ventures. This company deals mainly in the areas of IT, ICT, ITES, BPO, KPO and Call Centre business. The Board of Directors of the presently registered company will take care of the business of and will also try to expand the business of the group in other fields through this company and/or new entities.

Management Structure

The Board of Directors of the Shivaasha Technologies & Services Pvt. Ltd is presently comprised of two Directors. The Board will be expanded as per requirement and the MOA & AOA of the company and the regulations pertaining to the companies.

Human Resource Policy

The Company understands that in the present knowledge era, the most valuable resource for any activity or enterprise is the Human Resource. It applies to the business in technology and its services more because this business is knowledge driven which originally comes from human mind. With that understanding and belief and to expand the business and to perform productively, competitively and profitably, the company would want to employ, retain, nurture and harness human resources of the best quality. The Company also believes that wealth flows from the Grace of God through human instrumentality and social environment and finally it belongs to the society. Hence, it is absolutely essential to give back to the society what it enables to be created. And the process of giving back to the society should start from giving back to the employees who are the creators of wealth through the company. The company also believes that a happy, satisfied and contented employee or work force is more pro-active and productive.

Company also believes that in addition to the individual talent, it is the team work which is important for delivering a product or implementing a solution. The company also realizes that in today’s competitive world, to attain or retain the business edge, motivation of the work force is very important. At the same time, it is important to keep the work force updated about the technological changes and innovations as well as the market trends. It is even more important to keep them abreast with the requirements of excellent personal and family health and the standards and techniques of good quality of life and general well being. For this purpose, the company lays emphasis on training, motivational and capacity building programmes.

Powers of the Board of Directors

All powers for recruitment, discipline, promotion, remuneration, retrenchment, reduction of staff and their terms and conditions as well as the welfare activities and the structure and pattern of the staff as well as laying down the requirements and qualification for each category of staff or individuals or relaxation therein shall be vested in the Board of Directors.

Powers of the Chairperson

Subject to the general or specific directions of the Board of Directors, the chairperson may exercise all powers that are exercisable by the Managing Director. In particular, the decisions regarding the appointment, remuneration, promotion and discipline of the company executives and staff of any rank shall be exercised by the Managing Director in consultation with the Chairperson.

Powers of the Managing Director

Subject to the general or specific directions of the Board of Directors, and subject to the powers vested in the Chairperson, the Managing Director shall have full powers for running the affairs of the company including financial and commercial management, project planning and execution and also the personnel management in all aspects.

The HR Policy

The detailed HR Policy handbook will be available at the HR branch. This Handbook serves as a guide to the overall organizational structure and the Human Resource Policy and Management of the company. It includes the Terms and Conditions of employment, benefits and other related matters pertaining to the service of staff. It supplements the Terms and Conditions of Employment as may be mentioned in the staff contract of service agreement.

The Company reserves the right to amend, delete or annex any terms and conditions of service as and when necessary. The Board of Directors is the final authority in this regard. These terms and conditions will, where applicable, be subjected to the provisions of any relevant Government legislation and their amendments.