Shivaasha Technologies & Services Pvt. Ltd.

Call Center Services

India has emerged as a globally preferred Hub for outsourcing of the IT based value added processes. This includes Business, Accounting, Medical, Legal and many other areas of Knowledge. Indian expertise in BPO and other Techno-knowledge Services has been proved for more than a decade now. Its well trained, disciplined and yet cost-effective work force has made a global mark. Global organizations have been outsourcing call center services to India quite frequently. India’s emergence as an outsourcing location is mainly because India and its IT industry particularly the call centers offer cost advantages that are not available in other countries. Looking to this advantage, many domestic and global corporates are having their captive call centers too in India. In addition, there are call centers available for dedicated outsourcing purposes. They provide customer specific and yet cost-effective services. Shivaasha is also operating a call center for these outsourcing services. Shivaasha’s Call Center and BPO services represent the best of Indian experience in this sector.

Our Call Center services:

At the call center of Shivaasha, we offer both inbound and outbound services. The call center offers services for business processes (BPO) including accounting as well as other knowledge based processes (KPO). With 50 well equipped seats, it offers a secure and serene environment and of course, an excellent work culture. The call center combines state-of-the-art technology in server, communication and monitoring equipments. It also combines an excellent service of the qualified and experienced process representatives. In addition, there is availability of professionals to add value to any business and knowledge processes. We have devised specialized research and analytical tools with excellent databank in various sectors. Our cutting-edge technology and core business expertise of our domain experts will give an instant advantage to your operations.

We cater to Indian and global corporate clients, institutional stakeholders, market intelligence firms and research organizations.

Highlights of the call center:

  • 50 seats with state-of-the-art technology
  • Globally benchmarked infrastructure and facilities
  • Secure, safe and serene working environment
  • Equipped for both in-bound and out-bound services
  • Voice and non-voice technical and manpower support
  • Outsourcing services for onsite and offshore operations
  • Well trained customer care executives, managers and experts
  • Reservoir of data, statistics and information
  • Domain experts with expertise in various sectors
  • Professional work culture of a cross-cultural value
  • Dedication to work; efficiently and cost-effectively

Current Assignments:

We are working as Call Centre based Service Provider for the Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance. Kotak Mahindra, inter alia, is in the business of selling insurance products in India. Our company, as Service Provider, has entered into agreement for carrying out promotional efforts to provide information to consumers at large about life insurance products as endorsed by The Kotak Mahindra Company.

In nutshell our Call center is equipped to add value through …‘SKILL’

Through SKILL,We offer…

B2B Solutions:Business to Business for exchange, networking and transactions …from initial tie ups to profitable and lasting relationships.

B2G Knowledge:Government regulations, policies, laws, rules and the local issues as applicable to the business …from conception to commissioning.

B2I Feedback:Intelligence & research on your Business and its eco-system -the market, its trends,opportunities, competitors & promoters- on a real time basis …more than just a SWOT analysis.

B2C Leads:Customers for business, its potentials, its clients and customers-through in-bound & out-bound 24x7 multi-channel & multi-lingual call center services…using primary and secondary sources of data & information

B2L Interventions: Linkages, inputs, ideas and provisioning of logistics, infrastructure and required amenities…both for imports, exports and local distribution chains

This is what we call our core SKILL…